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This is Virtue Collectors Club by Gerald Vanderpuye, a newsletter about Virtues and how it relates to investments, crypto and company building.

The "Virtue Collectors club" is a place to learn about cryptocurrencies and virtues. We invest in cryptos based on the virtue of each project. When most people think of virtues, they think of the quote, "Patience is a virtue". Outside of that, we rarely think of other virtues. Perhaps we or the world could do with more courage, generosity, moderation, liberality, and building on other virtues. Aristotle had 12, but we have discovered over fifty. We think about life as a journey of collecting virtues. Read this blog to learn more about virtues and how it adds value to your life.  

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I mostly write about Community building, my Investments and crypto but sometimes I digress.


Gerald vanderpuye

Founder of Impact Brixton, ShoDeck & Virtue Collectors Club